Psychic Saturday

About the Instructor: 
Anna Louise is a psychic, intuitive counselor, life coach and educator who has been bringing the practice of mediation and mindfulness to hundreds of people in Connecticut. With warmth and compassion, she uses her gifts to bring greater awareness, peace, and harmony to her clients. 
Currently, she runs a private practice offering psychic and intuitive counseling/coaching to many clients. She is a Certified Coach Practitioner from an ICF accredited academy. Using her background as a teacher, Anna has taught basic meditation in both the public and private sector. She has presented to educators around the state on the value of mindfulness and the importance of meditation. She has been a keynote speaker at Southern CT University for the Phi Delta Kappa leadership club as well as presented various workshops and continuing education programs for school staffs on meditation techniques. She actively leads and runs meditation groups in the community as well as conducts private sessions one-on-one.  Anna Louise has trained privately with meditation coaches and studied extensively the practice of mindfulness, taking various courses and workshops at Omega Institute as well as Mindful Sync in NYC. A Reiki practitioner for eight years, her interests and studies include crystal healing, chakras, and various mindful activities with the intention to keep us in grounded in the present.   Anna is happy to join The Parfumerie in presenting a comprehensive overview of various mindful practices. Topics of focus may include basic meditation practices, raising one’s intuition, aromatherapy, introduction to chakras, journaling, de-cluttering, and stress reduction techniques. You can find Anna on Facebook under Visionary Lights for Mindful Living and CT Psychic Solutions