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Bakul Attar 30 ml Perfume with organic cane alcohol. Phthalate-Free and Paraben-Free.
Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry)
8 ml of Bakul Attar in a Gift Bottle with a Nunn Design Flower Charm and Silk Sari Ribbon embellishment.
Bakul Attar is offered in the following sizes, 1 ml sample of pure oil, 8 & 10 ml Gift Bottle Pure Oil and 30 ml spray combined with organic cane alcohol.
Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry)
15 ml gift bottle of pure Bakul Attar Oil. Alcohol-Free and Cruelty-Free.
Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry)
1 ml Sample vial of Bakul Attar Perfume Oil. All-Natural with No Synthetics!
Photograph of the Star shaped Bakul Spanish Cherry Flower in full bloom.
At The Parfumerie we package your attar in a Black Gift Box for all Gift Bottles with the exception of the sample vial.
The Parfumerie offers many Essential oils, Perfume oils and Attar Perfumes.
Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry)

Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry)

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Bakul Attar Absolute Essential Oil Perfume (Spanish Cherry Attar)  

A Vegan, Clean, Botanical, Perfume Essence… No Synthetics!

All-Natural ~ Alcohol-Free ~ Cruelty-Free ~ Phthalate-Free ~ Paraben-Free ~ Gluten-Free

If you are looking for a smooth natural exquisite perfume to be worn anytime, search no longer! Made from the celestial star-shaped Bakul flowers from the Bakul Tree, (sometimes referred to as a Spanish Cherry Tree), and carefully blended with premium Indian Sandalwood. Our Bakul Absolute Essential Oil Perfume has soft floral notes that are ever-so-slightly sweet and fruity just like the transparent fragrance of a white floral during a warm sunny summer day. The Sandalwood and White Musk base create a perfect stage for the unveiling of this truly serene aroma. With the long-lasting fragrance of the Bakul flowers and the longevity of the blooms, this beautiful flower has been, in many cultures, connected to the endurance of love and devotion and has been used as an aphrodisiac. It has also been used in sacred ceremonies for seeking the approval and blessings of gods and goddesses.

BAKUL ATTAR:  Woody ~ Slightly Fruity ~ Floral

BLENDS WITH:  Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Ambergris, Jasmine

CONSTITUENTS:  Maulsri Flowers, Sandalwood Essential Oil

BOTANICAL NAME:  Mimusops elengi

Steam Distilled

Each bottle is embellished with an exquisite Silk Sari Ribbon and a sterling silver charm from NUNN Designs.

We are offering this beautiful perfume in the following sizes:

* 30 ml Parfum Extrait Concentrate - Blended with Certified Organic Cane Alcohol presented in a Gift Bottle with Spray Pump Atomizer. Note that we make this a true concentrate!

* 15 ml Gift Bottle – Alcohol-Free Pure Oil 

* 8 ml Gift Bottle – Alcohol-Free Pure Oil 

* 1 ml Sample Vial – Alcohol-Free Pure Oil 

This is an exceptional oil of the highest quality. Please note that because this oil is concentrated, only small amounts are necessary for long-lasting results. One or two drops to pulse points are all that is needed.

As with all oils, we recommend a patch test prior to application. Not for medicinal purposes. For External use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

At The Parfumerie we have hand-selected all our oils. We take care to choose our suppliers, partners and perfumeries based on business ethics and transparency that are comparable with our own. All our partners must have the ability to provide us with the purest products available that are vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, and responsibly harvested and sourced. Our oils are gluten, phthalate, and paraben-free.

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