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Sweet Cherry - Bakul Attar   100% Alcohol Free    Natural Perfume
Sweet Cherry - Bakul Attar   100% Alcohol Free    Natural Perfume
Sweet Cherry - Bakul Attar   100% Alcohol Free    Natural Perfume

Sweet Cherry - Bakul Attar 100% Alcohol Free Natural Perfume

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Sweet Cherry is also known as Bakul Attar Oil is famous for its wonderful aroma. Bakul is derived from the Bakula, which is a very sacred tree in india. Its a beautiful flowering tree which flowers during the months of March through August. When flowering it fills the air with an intoxicating aroma.

Bakul is symbolic for lasting love and devotion because the fragrance lasts for a long time.

This Bakul attar is obtained from first preparing it as an absolute from its star shaped flowers.

Bakul is also known as "The Garland Flower".

Bakul is utilized in meditation ceremonies and the aromatherapy field.  It has also found its place in the perfume industry. It has a soft sweet smelling fresh aroma. 

Bakul Attar is in high demand for its usage in Message Oils as well as Aromatherapy applications

All Natural.

100% Free from alcohol.   Steam Distilled

Botanical name:

  • Mimusops Elengi



  • As a Attar to wear on your person
  • Message therapy applications
  • Aromatherapy applications
  • Spiritual applications.
  • Ritual applications
  • Unisex applications.
  • Perfuming 
  • Ayurvedic Applications
  • Cosmetic and creams

Medicinal uses and Aromatherapy uses.*

Blends well with: Sandalwood Attar Oil. 

It is used in exclusive perfume blends and exotic scents

Religious: Bakul attar is used in sacred Hindu Ceremonies while seeking blessings of the gods and goddesses.

Buyer note: Constituents Extract of Mulsri Flowers, Sandalwood Attar Oil

We may not be able to offer this exact variety once sold out. Please do not hesitate in purchasing if you are a lover of fine Bakul Attar.

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