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Cambodian Oud
Cambodian Oud
Cambodian Oud
Cambodian Oud

Cambodian Oud

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Imported from Dubai

DESCRIPTION: The fragrance of the woody Agar Oud Oil which leaves the person with an animalistic, musky but delightful, sweet almost fruity fragrance.

Cambodian Oud is one of the darker and thicker Oud oils we stock. Super strong but not offensive to others. It’s the type of Perfume Oil that is different on each person.

High quality, super strong and thick. Deserves a place in anyone’s Perfume Oil collection.

Unisex fragrance but worn mainly by men in the western world.

Unaltered, uncut, highest quality Grade A perfume oil - Alcohol Free. The Parfumerie carries oils that are crafted from premium botanicals and natural products. They are also cruelty free and vegan. We believe in sourcing sustainable products from manufacturers and distributors that follow our ethical practices.

Create your own signature scent or a use this oil alone, to keep it a simple yet long lasting fragrance. Other applications include aromatherapy blends, lotions, soaps, massage oils, car fresheners and room fragrances. Add it to your natural household cleaners and other diy crafts such as candle making and bath bombs.



*Please note that the color of the oil may differ from the image shown.