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A refillable Perfume Bottle with a pink keystone top and glass meel. An empty perfume bottle for Egyptian Musk.
A Crystal Glass Perfume Bottle with a keystone shape faceted cut crystal. An empty perfume bottle.
The Parfumerie offers a refillable perfume bottle that you can place Amber White or Attar Perfumes in.
A clear crystal perfume bottle is a Vintage perfume bottle with beautiful elegance to the cut.
These cologne bottles are empty perfume bottles for elixirs and serums.
The Parfumerie offers these tincture bottles or you can use it as a potion bottle or fragrance bottle.
A perfume container with a pink top with a dip stick to apply your Amber White, Jasmine or Egyptian Musk.
This Essential Oil Perfume bottle has an elegant pink top that sparkles with beauty.
This refillable perfume bottle can hold your favorite Attar Perfume, Oud Perfume Oil or Essential Oil.

Crystal Perfume Bottle - Pink Top, Keystone Shape

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Clear Cut Crystal Perfume with Keystone Shape Faceted cut Pink Crystal Top

Make a statement with this intricately crafted Crystal Perfume Bottle in a stunning keystone shape with faceted cuts. Its elegant pink crystal top adds a touch of sophistication, while the flat-cut facets on the sides expertly reflect light. Whether used as a vanity perfume holder, bottle for oud oil, or essential oils, this exquisite piece is sure to delight perfume enthusiasts and those who appreciate beautiful fragrance containers.


Refillable Perfume Bottle

Base to top (with the top on) - 9 cm/ 4.5 inch

Width (Widest mid section) - 4.75 cm/2.75 inch

Bottle Volume - 6-8 ml

Glass meal for application

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