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Sandalwood Sampler Gift Bottles

Sandalwood Sampler Gift Bottles

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If you are a lover of Sandalwood fragrance and would like to experiment with the different variations in oils, try one of our exotic, imported Sandalwood Perfume Oils.

Our Sandalwood Perfume Oils are of the highest quality. Soft pleasant woody aromas. Imported and cultivated with sustainable forestry practices.

Arabian is musky, slightly nutty with a deeper base note.

Golden is slightly sweet, slightly green, with a subtle floral note

Tunisian has a lighter, clean scent with citrus and woody notes

Egyptian is more of your classic Sandalwood with a slight note of Bergamot and Madagascar Vanilla

Bottle contains 10ml. of oil. Also comes with label and ribbon. (Ribbon colors may vary)

*Oils are not displayed in picture. Note the color of oil will depend on the scent selection.

Unaltered, uncut, highest quality Grade A perfume oil - Alcohol Free. The Parfumerie carries oils that are crafted from premium botanicals and natural products. These oils are free from alcohol and synthetic chemicals often used in your typical department store perfume. They are also cruelty free and vegan. We believe in sourcing sustainable products from manufacturers and distributors that follow our ethical practices. Create your own signature scent or a use this oil alone, to keep it a simple yet long lasting fragrance. Other applications include aromatherapy blends, lotions, soaps, massage oils, car fresheners and room fragrances. Add it to your natural household cleaners and other diy crafts such as candle making and bath bombs.