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Tarot and Astrology: The Pursuit of Destiny

Tarot and Astrology: The Pursuit of Destiny

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Tarot and Astrology: The Pursuit of Destiny by Muriel Bruce Hasbronck

The synthesis of the ancient mysteries goes beyond astrology and Tarot to shed new light on the eternal question of personal destiny. The author examines the conditioning factors of time and birth date and reveals a ten-day cycle formula that will help you understand yourself and others with amazing accuracy. Muriel Hasbrouck has given the full story, with documentation, of origin of the Tarot. In one of the many links between her formula and the mysterious teachings of antiquity, each of the thirty-six ten-day cycles of the solar year has been keyed to a particular card in the Tarot deck. 

    Incorporated in this formula are the factors of number, the four elements, the planets, and the sun. Taken together with the Tarot, they uncover the positive, negative, and balancing qualities of our characters and reveal our individual response to the basic challenges of life more personally exactly than calculations based on the twelve signs of the zodiac.