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The Tantric Dakini Oracle Book + Tarot Card Set

The Tantric Dakini Oracle Book + Tarot Card Set

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The Tantric Dakini Oracle by Niki Douglas and Penny Slinger.

This set contains:

  • Set of 65 full color tarot cards
  • 224 page illustrated book

The Tantric Dakini Oracle is a system of divination based on the authors' work in the Ranipur Jharial Temple in Orissa, India. The temple contains stone carvings of sixty-four dakinis, ancient symbolic representations of the female principles of intuitive wisdom. The dakinis are the guardians of the deeper mysteries of the self, and it is through them that the secrets of inner transformation are opened. Niki Douglas, a scholar of both Sanskrit and Tibetan, has drawn upon his extensive knowledge of tantric mystical teachings to create a modern synthesis of their system of divination. The sixty-five cards in the deck are a collage of surrealistic images representing symbols of archetypes that are designed to affect both conscious and subconscious levels of perception. Created by artist Penny Slinger, the cards evoke subtle memories, sentiments, desires, or fears. Meditation on the images of the Tantric Dakini Oracle puts the reader in contact with the energies of the dakinis, opening a path to the user's inner world, enhancing visualization, and even leading to clairvoyance. Additional methods for consulting the oracle include the Tree of Life chart and Great Universe map, which link the cards to the yoga body, the chakras, kundalini energy and astrological influences.