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Not All Oils Are Created Equal

With the market being saturated with so many perfume oils it is important to know what you are putting on your body. Unfortunately, most customers do not understand that commercialized perfumes are often diluted and chemically dissolved and can actually do more harm than good. 
As I began this journey over 15 years ago, my mission was to revive the true beauty and art that is perfume. I began researching the origins of oils and the science of blending. Yes, it truly is a science. I learned that the key to making a great perfume is the QUALITY of the oils in the layers aka "notes". Distinguishing the difference from an authentic oil and one that has been altered or cut is crucial. I learned the difference between an essential oil and a fragrance oil. The applications of each are vastly different and need to be understood to be successful as an oil vendor. An example would be lavender and lavender essential oil. What exactly makes them different and are all essential oils therapeutic grade? The facts are just not commonly known by consumers. French Lavender, English Lavender - what's the difference? More than you would expect. That is why so many customers I have met along the way are surprised when we begin blending for them and they realize that they truly don't know what they are putting on their skin. The research and years of experimentation allowed me to understand the fundamentals of oils. I learned that not all oils are created equal. Fast forward to today, I believe my customers trust that my research has differentiated my product from the rest. When we state that the oils are "High quality, Grade A" this is more than just a description. It means its been tried, tested and "Angela- Approved". I would only sell what I would wear myself. I want alcohol-free, all natural perfume with ingredients I can pronounce. I want simple and safe. I want to know what I am putting on my body. Above all, I want YOU to know what you are putting on your body.