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Attar, is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. Most commonly these oils are extracted via hydro or steam distillation.

Attar can also be expressed by chemical means but generally natural perfumes which qualify as Attars are distilled with water.

The oils are generally distilled into a wood base such as sandalwood and then aged. The aging period can last from one to ten years depending on the botanical's used and the results desired.

Technically, Attars are distillates of flowers, herbs, spices and other natural materials such as baked soil over sandalwood oil/liquid paraffin's using hydro distillation technique with a deg.

Attar is commonly used within Muslim communities and among natives of the Indian Subcontinent and Arabia to treat numerous health disorders, and it was widely used in Greek medicine.

Attars are generally classified based on their perceived effect on the body.

  • 'Warm' Attars such as musk, amber and kesar (saffron) are used in winter, as they are believed to increase body temperature.
  • 'Cool' Attars such as rose, jasmine, khus, kewdaand mogra (Indian Jasmine) are used in summers for their perceived cooling effect on the body.

Although Attars are mostly used as a perfume, they are also used for medicinal and aphrodisiac purposes.


Some of the more popular Attars are:


This is by no means a complete listing of Attars. Please visit the Specialty Oils https://shoptheparfumerie.com/collections/attars-specialty-oils.

 At The Parfumerie we are proud to offer some of the finest quality Attars available. We are direct importers working with the manufactures of the Attars in the countries where they are distilled.

 We strive to source or Attars from manufactures who are operating to the highest ethical and environmental standards, who actively support organic farming, the managed collection of wild plants, biodiversity and rural livelihoods.

 Where applicable we publish in the description section of all our Attars and Essential Oils the Certificate of Analysis, (COA), for the product. This COA changes from product to product and may change each time we restock the Attar or Essential Oil. Kindly check the COA for any changes each time you reorder the Attar or Essential Oil.


Should you have need for an Attar or Essential Oil that is not listed as part of our inventory, kindly contact us as we can source it for you.

As Attars are a natural perfume they may differ slightly from the perfume oils of the same name. They may have a different viscosity, color, aroma. This is what sets our Attars above the rest. 

Enjoy the fragrance.


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