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Black Musk Essential Oil Perfume is completely natural, made from plants, woods, and resins. We use certified cane alcohol and package in small batches to ensure quality.
Black Musk Attar comes in a 15 ml Gift Bottle. The perfect gift for him or gift for her.
15 ml. Gift Bottle is the perfect size for gift giving. This is a unisex long lasting perfume.
The Parfumerie offers Black Musk Attar in an 8 ml Gift Bottle. A luxury perfume.
8 ml. size is pocket size and perfect for traveling. All natural essential oil perfumes at The Parfumerie.
Samples are the perfect size for testing out and will last for several application.
Black Musk Attar Essential Oil Perfume
The Parfumerie store offers many Essential Oils, Perfume Oils and Attars.
The Parfumerie offers their Gift Bottle attars in a beautiful black gift box. Ready for the perfect gift giving occasion.
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Black Musk Attar Essential Oil Perfume

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Black Musk Attar Essential Oil Perfume

Black Musk Essential Oil Perfume has an earthy, aromatic aroma with pungent notes mingling with a smoky spiciness. It is quite complex with notes of tobacco and musk and will unfold into a slightly herbaceous aroma. This attar has a sandalwood essential oil base, and once the dry-down occurs, a trace of woodiness and powder can be detected. This oil is quite powerful… much like that of Vetiver and Patchouli. While it is certainly appropriate to wear on its own, it will add such complexity when layered with heady florals, spices and certain citrus accords. This is a warm, sensuous fragrance and it is extremely erotic.

A Vegan, Clean, Botanical, Perfume Essence… No Synthetics!

All-Natural ~ Alcohol-Free ~ Cruelty-Free ~ Phthalate-Free ~ Paraben-Free ~ Gluten Free

BLACK MUSK ATTAR:  Earthy ~ Musky ~ Rooty ~ Pungent ~ Spicy

BLENDS WITH:  Bergamot, Grapefruit, Basil, Rose, Geranium, Arnica, Star Anise

CONSTITUENTS:  Spikenard, Nardostachys Jatamansi, Nardo, Musk Root, Sandalwood Essential Oil

BOTANICAL NAME:  Nardostachys Jatamansi

Steam Distilled

This is an exceptional oil of the highest quality. Please note that because this oil is concentrated, only small amounts are necessary for long-lasting results. One or two drops to pulse points are all that is needed. As with all oils, we recommend a patch test prior to application.  

Not for medicinal purposes. For External use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

At The Parfumerie we have hand-selected all our oils. We take care to choose our suppliers, partners, and perfumeries based on business ethics and transparency that are comparable with our own. All our partners must have the ability to provide us with the purest products available that are sustainable, responsibly harvested and responsibly sourced.