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Gemstone Healing

Gemstone Healing

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Gemstone Healing: How to Choose and Use the Right Crystal and Healing Technique by Michael Gienger. 

Aquamarine helps against allergies, amber improves sleep and amethyst promotes mental clarity. But what's the best way to use crystals? This practical book is the first to explain the complete range of applications. 

  • Features all you need to know about healing crystals: understand their effects and applications; discover the correct techniques and learn how to choose, use and care for your stones
  • Explains the healing powers of stones: as jewelry, sleep stones, to help with complaints of the mind and body, for gemstone water and for massage. 
  • Promotes well-being: using healing crystals for meditation, in stone circles and to create a healthy room environment 
  • Reveals the application of 36 gemstones in daily life.