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Boat Shape Wooden Incense Burner for 11 inch Incense Sticks.
Boat Incense Burner closed to show full view of box.
Sun, Moon and Stars Embellishments on The Parfumerie's 11 inch Incense Burner.
The Parfumerie offers an Incense Burner that has a compartment to hold extra incense sticks.
Our Incense stick Burner makes a great Unisex Gift!
A unisex Incense Burner that holds 11 inch Incense sticks.
An inside view of an incense stick in the inner compartment of our incense holder.
The Parfumerie offers many different scents of incense sticks to place on your incense burner like this one.
Close up view of the inside of the burner with an incense stick.
An angled view of the side and inside showing the compartment and the brass embellishments.

Sun, Moon and Stars Boat Incense Burner - 11 inch

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Our 11 inch Wooden Celestial Sun, Moon & Stars Boat shaped Incense Burner is unique and magical! A great unisex gift!

This beautiful wooden burner is partially hand crafted, therefore, there may be slight imperfections in the wood and brass embellishments.

  • Unisex

  • Partially Handcrafted Wood

  • Holds 11 inch incense sticks

  • Decorative outside

Length or Depth from front to back: 1-12/16
Width from left to right: 12.5 inches
Height from top to bottom: 2.75 inches to highest point


  • Place incense stick through the hole on either side of the burner. (Stick must be pulled from the outside until the wood pulp portion meets up with the interior portion of the Burner hole. This should elevate your incense stick for proper and safe burning.)




  • This is a handmade item, there may be slight variations and imperfections, none of which will detract from the overall appearance of the burner.
  • The holes on the sides of the burner to place the incense stick through may need to be widened to encompass your specific incense stick width. Incense stick widths vary.
  • Incense sticks may need to be trimmed to fit into the storage compartment area.

For additional quantities, please contact us: theparfumerie.info@gmail.com